Samsung Galaxy Watch5 gets new OTA update with skin temp’ based cycle monitoring in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Watch5 Pro can better monitor menstrual cycles using the temperature sensor while they sleep. The Korean tech giant recently announced the feature on the Samsung Newsroom, mentioning that it started rolling out on April 19th for more than 30 regions.

Earlier, a skin temperature-based menstrual cycle tracking feature was released in South Korea, the US, and North American countries through an OTA update. Now, it is available for European users starting with the UK. It can identify by the build number R9**XXU1AWD6 and the update size of around 316MB.

With the integration of Natural Cycles, the Cycle Tracking feature allows users to track skin temperature changes, which is a good estimate of basal body temperature during sleep right from their wrist. The Galaxy Watch5 series uses infrared technology for more accurate readings, even if the conditions of the surroundings change. The advanced Cycle Tracking feature helps users track ovulation and better predict when their next period will begin.

To activate the feature just open the Samsung Health app, select the item “Cycle Monitoring” and activate the option “Predict period with skin temperature” in the settings.

IMG – Sam Lover

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