Google Fi wireless now available for Galaxy Watch 5

The Mountain View giant Google has its own prepaid wireless carrier Google Fi that provides telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Recently, Google rebranded this service, which includes a name change, additional perks, extended support, a redesigned app, a newer logo, and better family plans. This rebranding will benefit Galaxy Watch users as well, so, let’s know more about it. 

Informatively, from now on, Google Fi service will be known as Google Fi Wireless, which justifies its use as well. About its logo, the change is with an F made up of dots and is pills with the company’s colors. Besides these changes, the most beneficial thing is its new “Simply Unlimited” plan. In this new plan, we no longer need to pay additional charges for using our Galaxy Watch, as it has expanded the support to smartwatches. 

The good thing is, it supports Galaxy Watches as well, along with their own Pixel Watch. However, it only supports the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro devices currently. For this Simply Unlimited plan, we should spend $80 per month, and we will get two or four lines, get unlimited data, calls, and texts, and 5GB of hotspot tethering. It also offers all the family essentials one needs to stay connected with their family & friends. 

Apart from these, the application has also been redesigned that mainly focuses on digital safety controls. Now, it became easier to limit their child can only get texts and calls from truncated numbers. We can also add new members to it by using the people switcher and the app card. The most amazing thing is, Google is letting you try out this service for seven days without any cost. So, you can decide to join after experiencing it.

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