Samsung improves Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 connectivity

Samsung Galaxy Watch plugins play a significant role in enabling proper connections between smartwatches and Android smartphones. There are multiple plugin applications that are designed to be compatible with specific lineups; for instance, the Galaxy Watch 6 series is compatible with the Galaxy Watch 6 plugin, while the Galaxy Watch 5 series has the Watch 5 plugin, and the Watch 4 has plugin 4.

Samsung frequently brings new updates to the plugins, and most of the time it doesn’t bring any new features or innovations for the application, but it improves the internal function of the application to make it properly connected to the device. This time it is still doing the same thing and doesn’t bring any new features, but if you must install the update, it may give you a more seamless way to connect the smartwatches.

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The latest update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 plugin is coming with the version number It is worth noticing that the update is available for Android smartphones that are running Android 8.0 to Android 13. Users can easily update the device via the Galaxy Store or sideload the latest version from Play Store.

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