Good Lock’s One Hand Operation+ gets January 2024 update with new features

Samsung offers several unique services through its different applications on its Galaxy devices. The Good Lock is also one of the special applications that has borne a new revolution to customize the device’s different functions; these are also called modules, and the One Hand Operation+ is also one of them, which is now getting a new update.

One Hand Operation+ update

Samsung has rolled out the One Hand Operation+ update, which is coming with firmware version 6.8.25. With the latest update, the company has introduced some new features like a fast vibration in the settings, a new mode option, and it has also moved the vibration settings to the gesture settings for quick access.

Apart from giving new features, the update has also fixed an issue where animation was included when capturing the screen, as well as brought some new fixes for better stabilization of the application.

Users who own Galaxy devices that are compatible with Good Lock can now update One Hand Operation+ from the Galaxy Store.

For starters, the One Hand Operation+ application offers many options that can easily allow users to access their device with one hand. For instance, you can easily set various functions for horizontal and diagonal up/down gestures and long swipe gestures like the back key, home key, recent key, menu key, and many more.

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