Samsung Galaxy Watch’s AI Journey Begins with Kencor, XRHealth and More

With the intention of offering a wider range of tools for preventive health and promoting healthcare innovations through collaborations, Samsung Electronics has extended the Privileged Health Software Development Kit (SDK) program.

Samsung and its partners enable customers to monitor their vital signs in real time and manage their health in a proactive and intelligent way by integrating the state-of-the-art sensor technology of the Galaxy Watch with each platform. Data may be accessed directly from users’ wrists with the Galaxy watch, making remote patient monitoring faster and more connected.

Partners monitor a patient’s vital signs in real time, notify medical teams of any abnormalities, and give medical professionals the most recent information, all of which facilitate effective clinic and prompt emergency response decisions.

Enhanced sensor technologies:

  • By leveraging strategic partnerships with top healthcare facilities, the Biofourmis remote patient monitoring platform provides thousands of patients with individualized treatment every month.
  • With regard to monitoring and predicting hyperkalemia in patients with chronic renal disease, Kencor Health integrates the Galaxy watch with its platform for individualized remote monitoring.
  • The service’s dashboard has improved patient-centered treatment by using the extensive biometric data from the Galaxy watch.
  • Advanced ECG services that identify arrhythmia in daily life or are offered by medical AI software to individuals with heart issues
  • The service gives patients more accurate forecasts and timely notifications by fusing its own AI algorithms with the ECG functionality of the Galaxy Watch.
  • The AI-powered women’s health and fertility platform Oova combines biometric data from the Galaxy Watch with hormonal fluctuations to remotely measure hormone levels and communicate with healthcare experts.
  • The use of extended reality (XR) in healthcare has grown, and Galaxy Watch users can now access an immersive, healing virtual environment from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to Samsung sensor technology.
  • Virtual clinic XR Health, a Samsung partner, offers both physical and mental health therapy at the convenience of the patient’s own home.
  • Using heart rate data from the Galaxy Watch, the Healium biofeedback video platform and technology create captivating narratives and vibrant animations.
  • Smart mattresses with sensors and an AI system that automatically adjusts the bed’s temperature are offered by Samsung partner 3Boon1.
  • It then regulates the temperature between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius all night to make sure you get a full night’s sleep.
  • By integrating the skin temperature and heart rate data from the Galaxy Watch, the artificial intelligence systems can adjust the temperature in real time to provide a more comfortable sleeping environment.

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