Galaxy S24 Ultra to support 20X Zoom on 4K 60fps video recording and use new OLED screen

Samsung Galaxy S24 is getting hype for getting new AI-powered features, but at the same time, the Korean giant has also worked on some more enhancements that will make its upcoming flagship device leading in another department as well. According to the latest report, it is expected to be better at handling screen brightness with new OLED technology and zooming in video recording. Let’s explore it more.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra will give you more zooming power compared to its predecessor

Last year, Samsung launched its new Galaxy S23 series, and the ultra model has managed to get more of the attention of the flagship fans through its new 200MP camera module. Along with this, multiple new effective features were added to the software to make it more comfortable to use and bring more use cases. As it was like a new milestone for Samsung in the camera technology, the company is not going for any big changes, but it will provide a better experience with some significant changes for the camera that is coming with the Galaxy S24 devices.

According to the popular tipster, the Ice Universe, with the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra, it is possible to get 20X maximum zoom level with 4K 60fps support; this will provide more effective use of video recording, while if we talk about its processor ultra variant, it only had the capability to up to 10X level, so the upcoming Ultra will get double zooming power.

The Galaxy S24 series will get a new OLED technology with efficient brightness management

Samsung is reportedly replacing its old OLED display, which was used in the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Z5 series devices, with a new, improved one that will be equipped in the Galaxy S24 devices. However, it will also be based on OLED but with some new advancements, which mainly give the device the ability to effectively manage the brightness efficiency of the display.

More specifically, the company is all set to use a new material, M13, for its device displays. It is also reported that by adopting this material, the display lifespan will also be improved.

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