Samsung started Galaxy Unpacked 2024’s Billboard Campaign in Major Cities Ahead of Launch

A global billboard campaign announcing Samsung’s new age of mobile AI has been started in advance of Samsung Electronics’ inaugural Galaxy Unpacked 2024. Major global cities, such as Bangkok, Chengdu, London, Milan, Madrid, New York, Seoul, Stockholm, Warsaw, and others, have been able to see the digital display since it turned on on January 3. To symbolize Galaxy AI and the life-changing experiences it will provide, the film depicts a steel cube gradually changing into animated stars.

Unpacked for the Galaxy S24:

The invitation to Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event has been made official. On January 17, the Galaxy S24 and three other phones will be launched as part of the event. These are the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. Samsung urges audiences everywhere to find inspiration in the advancements in mobile technology, which will soon transform the way people connect, live, and create. Samsung declares in an official blog post that the new Galaxy S series will establish a higher standard for the most intelligent mobile experience yet, promising consumers a whole new experience fueled by the latest technological advancements.

Samsung chose major places around the country to promote its coming Unpacked event so that it could reach out to every individual who was not aware of it. Some billboard promotions that the business officially shared through its post are:

  • Digital OOH for Galaxy Unpacked 2024 at COEX in Seoul, Korea, on January 5
  • Digital OOH for Galaxy Unpacked 2024 at Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Italy, on January 5
  • Digital OOH for Galaxy Unpacked 2024 at CentralWorld in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 5

Gauss Language, Samsung’s generative AI model, will support Galaxy AI. At the Samsung AI Form 2023, which was hosted in November of last year at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, the company’s R&D campus in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung unveiled its own Large Language Model (LLM). Samsung claims that Galaxy AI will propel the Galaxy S24 series into the next era of mobile phones with its AI-integrated features.

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