Google Fi drops US Cellular from official network partners

Google Fi, or we can say Project Fi is an MVNO telecommunication service of the Mountain View giant Google, with which we can switch between Sprint and T-Mobile. Afterward, back in the year 2016, the project partnered with US Cellular and gained a total of three networks. Now, reports suggest that GoogleFi has ditched US Cellular from the official carrier list. So, let’s take a look at the complete report. 

As per the reports, the customer support of Google Fi has notified its subscribers that the American mobile network operator US Cellular is no longer a network for Google Fi. However, they have also said that the network will still be accessible on Google Fi’s extended network. A Google spokesperson has also confirmed that MVNO has been changed, and now T-Mobile is the only official network of Google Fi, as Sprint has already merged with it.

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Thankfully, US Cellular is still accessible, so wherever T-Mobile’s coverage will be unavailable, the subscribers can use it. However, if US Cellular and T-Mobile are both available, the service will stick to T-Mobile only; no matter if US Cellular has better connections, it can only be accessed when T-Mobile is completely unreachable. Eventually, Google Fi subscribers will still be able to connect to multiple carrier networks. 

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