iSIM technology set to replace eSIM in Samsung Galaxy phones

The tech world has just started to adopt eSIMs over Nano SIM cards in smartphone devices, and even better technology has come to the market. This new technology, called iSIM, is 100x smaller than the Nano SIM cards and is more power efficient than the eSIMs. This new iSIM is a more advanced technology that will help to make a smartphone device more compact. Let’s take a quick tour of this new iSIM.

The American multinational Qualcomm, which makes the widely-preferable Snapdragon processors, has announced that they are bringing iSIM smartphone devices with their future Snapdragon chipsets. The company has emerged iSIM in its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, which has recently been certified on GSMA. The company has even introduced an iSIM demonstrated version of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 device previously.

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Let us inform you this new iSIM will offer the same security level as eSIMs despite obtaining lesser space than the Nano SIM cards. As we have mentioned above as well, iSIMs will be 100x smaller than the Nano SIM cards; in specific, they will measure 1 square millimeter only, which really is a small space. The iSIM will reside inside any processor, which means it will not need the SIM slot and will preserve the space or something else. 

When will we get the iSIM smartphones

As per the expectations, nearly 300 million iSIM smartphones will be shipped by the year 2023, in which future Galaxy phones are also included. However, it is yet to be confirmed which Galaxy series iSIMs will make their debut on the Galaxy-verse. Although it may come with any device, it will surely bring several improvements in terms of SIM and will be proven indeed helpful too.

Out of any upcoming quality of the iSIM smartphones, the major and the most-advantageous one that we know currently is its better power efficiency abilities, which will help to improve the battery life of the smartphone. It would be interesting to see what more enhancements it will bring and how they can be helpful for us. 

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