Samsung Introduces Video Call Support for Canadian Customers

Samsung, a leading tech company, has recently introduced a new and innovative way for Canadian customers to receive support for their Samsung products. With the launch of video call support, Samsung customers in Canada can now connect with Samsung experts from the comfort of their homes and receive personalized assistance in real-time. 

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It’s worth noting that the video call support service is currently available for Samsung Televisions and Digital Appliances.

Samsung’s video call support is easy and intuitive to use. Once a customer requests the virtual support service, a Samsung technical product expert will send a URL link via SMS message to the customer. This link launches directly into the Visual Support permissions process, with no need for customers to download a separate application.

Once Visual Support permission has been granted, the supporting agent can analyze the product as seen directly through the customer’s camera. This innovative feature enables the product expert to assess the situation visually, request more information from the customer, and guide them forward by suggesting specific measures. With Samsung’s video call support, customers in Canada can receive high-quality technical support without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Samsung customers video calls service also extends to sign language

Samsung’s Visual Support service extends to sign language support as well. In partnership with Canadian Hearing Services, these features include both English and French support with American Sign Language and Langue des Signes Québécoise. This ensures that the support is accessible to customers who are deaf or hard of hearing, making it easier for them to communicate with Samsung experts and receive the support they need. By offering sign language support, Samsung is taking steps towards inclusivity and ensuring that all Canadian customers can benefit from their innovative video call support service.

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If you’re a Samsung customer in Canada and need technical support or have any questions regarding your Samsung products, there are several ways to access Samsung’s video call support or speak with a customer service agent. You can visit Samsung Live Chat Canada to connect with a Samsung expert via live chat, text WE CARE (932 273), or call 1 800 SAMSUNG (1 800 726 7864).

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