Download Facer’s new real-time 3D watch faces for Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5

A Watch Face makes the smartwatch stand out from the others. As for Samsung, their Galaxy Watch offers plenty of Watch Faces that the wearer can set as per their choice. However, many users don’t like the watch faces the company itself provides. For them, various other third-party watch faces are available on the internet, which they can use in their Galaxy Watch. Recently, some 3D options also made their way to the market.

Informatively, the popular creator Facer has recently announced a new version of its application. This new version (7.0) has brought a design tool with it that lets us add 3D graphic elements and animations to our Galaxy Watch’s watch face. With this tool’s help, we can easily design a customized watch face exactly as we want. The impressive thing is these 3D elements will not consume more energy than the 2D ones.

Galaxy Watch 4 & 5: Change watch faces for different senecrious

Besides the making of 3D watch faces, we can also share them with others. The new elements that Facer 7.0 offers us are 3D models, high polygon count characters, animations, particle effects, dynamic lighting effects, and, most importantly, 3D animations generated procedurally. These elements help to make the watch face unique and outstanding. Specifically, Facers has brought 15 new watch faces. 

Let us tell you that premium Facer users will get these new 3D watch faces for free, but all free users need to spend $1.99 each to own them. There is one thing that you should remember, only Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro devices are eligible to experience these new 3D watch faces.

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