Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5’s April 2023 WearOS 3.5 update coming

Google distributes a new update for Android devices every month, bringing with it important security fixes that enhance the overall security of your device. In April 2023, Google introduced a new update that brought several security patches, addressing previously reported functions as problematic. This update is now available for Pixel watches running on WearOS 3.5, and we expect Galaxy Watches to receive the same update with significant improvements soon.

When it comes to WearOS, the operating system designed by Google for smartwatches, any changes introduced will directly impact other watches running on the same OS. Google, being the parent company of Android, has a significant influence over the WearOS and its updates.

For instance, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 often receive exclusive functionalities. Still, overall, all watches running on the same OS receive the same changes that Google introduces for WearOS. This means that any new features that are made available for WearOS could also become available for Galaxy watches in the future.

WearOS 3.5 April 2023 Update

Recently, Google announced the release of the WearOS 3.5 April 2023 security patches for compatible smartwatches. While Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 and Watch4 series also run on Wear OS 3.5-based One UI Watch, the April 2023 patch is only available for Google’s Pixel Watch. However, we expect that Samsung Galaxy watches will receive the update soon, bringing the same security patches and features as the Pixel Watch.

What’s New:

The April 2023 software update includes the latest security patches for Pixel Watch users.

In addition to the announcement of the April 2023 security patches, Google has also confirmed that all supported Pixel Watch devices running Wear OS 3.5 will receive these software updates starting today. The update will be rolled out gradually over the next week in phases, depending on the user’s carrier and device.

Users can expect to receive a notification once the OTA (over-the-air) update becomes available for their device. We encourage you to update your smartwatch to receive the latest software updates and security patches, ensuring the best possible user experience.

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