Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 now support Peloton fitness app

Samsung Galaxy watches have many features which are very helpful for its users; for a couple of years, the company has introduced several new functionalities in its watches that can be very advantageous for maintaining your health; for instance, you can check out these features like counting steps, it also capable of measuring how many floors you have climbed, it can record sleep cycle and many more. To see all the records, you have to download the Samsung Health app and link it to your smartwatch.

Now Samsung has partnered with Peloton, the popular fitness equipment and content provider. As a result of this collaboration, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch smartwatches will now interact with Peloton’s range of fitness equipment, including treadmills, spin bikes, and multifunction benches.

With the latest announcement from Peloton and Samsung, this trend is only set to continue. Thanks to their partnership, users of Samsung Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Watch5 can now download the Peloton app from the Google Play Store and connect their smartwatches to Peloton’s range of gym equipment, including the Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, Row, and Guide. This exciting development will appeal to fitness enthusiasts looking for new ways to enhance their workout experience through technology.

What is the Peloton app?

Now Samsung has planned to introduce a new addition to Galaxy smartwatches. The company has partnered with Peloton, and with this, you can experience smart gyming. When you download the Palaton app, your smartwatch will get special access to communicate with Peloton’s Gym equipment like Bike, Tread, Row, and Guide. 

How to download Peloton app?

With the Peloton app, you can easily track all your stats and progress if you are using Peloton-supported equipment. If you want to enjoy the app on your Galaxy Watch. You can download the app through the Google Play store. Notably, the app is only supported in that only two latest watches, including Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5. If you have Peloton equipment so you should give it a try; it will surely motivate you to do more exercise.


  1. Peloton app requires a subscription sold separately; download app through Google Play to your smartphone and pair with the Galaxy Watch4 or Watch5 series with Peloton equipment by clicking connect when prompted. Available on Wear OS devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required.
  2. The heart rate software functions are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.
  3. Requires smartphone with Android 8.0 or later, 1.5GB or more RAM and Samsung Health app (free) version 6.22 or later.

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