Samsung Free, now known as Samsung News, focusing news content

It is obvious to wonder what Samsung is free since we use many services, features, or applications of our devices frequently but still don’t know their names. Let us tell you, Samsung Free is a content aggregator that brings live TV, podcasts, news articles, and interactive games together in one location. It was added to Galaxy devices with One UI 3.0. Now, Samsung has decided to change its name, so let’s know the new one.

If you are still confused, let us tell you Samsung Free opens up wherever we swipe left to our Galaxy device’s Home Screen. All the content that you can find on this service is free of cost. As per the reports, the South Korean firm has decided to change the name of its Samsung Free service, and from now on, it will be known as Samsung News which is said to give hard competition to the search engine giant’s Google Discover service.

Informatively, the name change appeared with version 6.0.1, which brought some other changes as well. The update will start to reach more Galaxy devices from April 18th. Now, this updated version has new “Read” and “Listen” tabs, but the “Watch” and “Play” tabs are removed. Notably, this version will focus more on the news but will continue to offer free TV and games through the Samsung TV Plus and Game Launcher apps.

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Thanks to “Android Police