Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ is spotted in new renders, check out how it will look

It is expected Samsung will introduce its new Galaxy Tab S9 series device any time this year. If we see the past launches of the new Galaxy Tab S series device, we got to know that the company always introduces new devices in the first quarter of every year. But now the company is very delayed. There are several interesting rumors running on the market about the Galaxy Tab S9.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 will come with an IP67 certification

If the rumors become true, then it will be the first flagship Tab that will come with the capability of water resistance which makes the device more reliable. However, the water resistance capability is also previously available in other tablets, such as Galaxy Tab Active 3. The IP67 is available for the Galaxy Tab S9. If we decode the code, then we will know that the number 6 is the value that indicates the dust resistance. The 7 number indicates the water resistance level. For comparison, the highest IP rating of 68. This means you will get the next level of protection for the device 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ renders spotted

Now a new render is circulating on the internet. It claims that this will be the actual look of the Galaxy Tab S9+. However, it is not an official picture, but it looks real. Let’sLet’s discuss if it comes to be true what we can expect from this, which is claimed in the report.

Galaxy Tab S9+ expected specifications

According to a report, the Galaxy Tab S9+ will be equipped with better specifications; in detail, the Galaxy Tab S9+ will feature a 12.4-inch display. For changing and connectivity, it will have a USB-C port, and it is also expected to have S-Pen support. In the camera department, it will face a dual rear camera( other details aren’taren’t revealed) and will feature a single selfie camera. Apart from these, the dimensions of the device are 285.4 x 185.4 x 5.64. Going to the specification, the Galaxy Tab S9+ doesn’t have any big changes compared to its predecessor.

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