Samsung to launch Galaxy Tab S9 line with IP67 certification in 2023

Samsung is not offering the water resistance capability first time to any tablet, it has previously had an Active series tablet that comes with an IP68 certificate, and we know it as Galaxy Tab Active 3; however, the company has no other high-end tablet that comes with this ability. 

Samsung will bring Galaxy Tab S9 with IP67 certification 

According to the reports, Samsung will introduce its first water-resistant high-end tablet in the form of Galaxy Tab S9; the upcoming tablet will come with IP67 certification, which comes with dust assistance capability as well. You may probably think about the IP67 certification; let’s discuss it briefly.

First of all, IP rating is the certification that represents the level of protection provided by a device against the intrusion of solid objects and liquids; it always comes with two numbers first one denotes the level of protection from solid materials, and the second number represents the level of protection from liquid, in the Case of Tab S9, number 6 id for solid particle and the 7 represent the water-resistant. For Information, the IP68 rating is the highest certified rating that is available for any device.

Samsung has previously offered water-resistant in its several smartphones, which can easily survive in different wet conditions; smartphones just got better with every new generation, but the tablets didn’t get that much development, so maybe the company thinks that it’s not worth giving the IP certification for tablet as they are just used in the indoor, but as the Tablets got popular users are demanding this from a long time, and now it seems that company has changed its mindset and will give the proper water certification to the Tablets as well.

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