Samsung PENUP update: New smart colouring, canvas size, brush remember, and many more features

Samsung has rolled out a new update for its PENUP application; for recall, the PENUP application provides many features to create different types of drawings on your smartphone. It also provides its social media platform, which allows you to showcase your artwork to other PENUP lovers. With the new update, the company has added some new improvements to the application; let’s find out what it brings.

Samsung PENUP updated to v3.9.11.38 

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the PENUP with version number The latest update brings some new features which enhance the utility of the app. As per the changelog, Photo reference, Timelapse, and Smart Coloring options for your drawing. Some Canvas-related features are also added in the app to adjust the length of the canvas according to desire. Now brushes will remember the colors which are used previously. Now users will save the partial image and also select the object with the new circular mode.


Samsung PENUP is now available in the Galaxy store, so to install it on your Samsung smartphones, you just have to go to the Galaxy store and then type the PENUP on the search bar; if the update button is on, just tap on it. The latest update is available in 36.56 MB as the update has come with some significant features, so it is highly recommended to install it.

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