Galaxy Z Flip 5 to come with an incredible software novelty

In the second half of 2023, the Korean firm will organize the second Galaxy Unpacked event. In this event, Samsung will unveil various incredible devices, amongst which the next-gen Galaxy foldable devices are the most praised ones, on which everyone’s eyes are stopped. About those upcoming foldable devices, a lot of info has already been leaked. This time as well, we have got our hands on a crucial Galaxy Z Flip 5 info. Let’s take a look at them.

Informatively, the soon-to-be-launched Galaxy Z Foldable series will consist of two devices- the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. As per the previously found reports, the foldable series will have Galaxy S23-like Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy SoC and will use a new waterdrop-type hinge. Besides, a report regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s external display was also leaked. It is said that the Flip device will have a folder-shaped external display in it. 

Besides, now some recently found reports claimed that the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 device would come with support for Samsung DeX. Let us tell you and it will be the first Galaxy Z Flip device that supports Samsung DeX. If you are unaware, Samsung DeX is a service that lets you connect your phone or tablet to a monitor or a TV for a larger and clearer view in desktop mode. It will be really beneficial for this series to bring such a premium novelty with it. 

Informatively, the Galaxy Z Flip device surely is a premium Galaxy Phone, but the company actually doesn’t treat or benefit them like a premium one. Now with Samsung DeX’s arrival, we are expecting this Z Flip series to start getting more premium abilities. However, the Z Flip devices do come with the same processor and display as the Z Fold devices, but it lacks in terms of software mainly. This year, Samsung is planning to double the Z Flip devices production. 

If it is the case, the arrival of Samsung DeX will surely be beneficial for Samsung. However, we can’t say for sure how well this premium ability will work on the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 device, as this device is said to be the smallest Galaxy phone to support Samsung DeX (according to Sammobile). Besides, one thing is still unclear whether the older Galaxy Z Flip devices will get this support or not. If something appears on the internet regarding it, we will share it with you immediately. 

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