Galaxy Tablets get Gboard split keyboard layout

Gboard is a virtual keyboard application of the Mountain View giant Google, which Google made for Android and iOS devices. Last year, the Big G started to implement a new keyboard to Gboard on foldable smartphones, including Galaxy Z Foldable devices. Now it seems that Google is planning to bring this advancement to Android-based Tablets such as Galaxy Tablets as well. Let’s know more about that. 

Informatively, the keyboard we are talking about is a keyboard divided into two parts. If you are unaware, Google developed this two-way keyboard specifically for devices with large screens like Tablets or Foldable devices to make the typing experience easier and more pleasant as it is split into two halves, both located on the corners of the right and left edges of the screen (you can see the visual representation below).

If you are also a Galaxy Tablet or Galaxy Z Fold device user, you sure be aware of the struggle of reaching every font, especially center-located keys, when it is in landscape mode. Consequently, Gboard’s split keyboard will be proven beneficial for sure. This keyboard offers you an option- Split layout to include duplicate keys that shows some letters of the keyboard available on both side (half on the right, half on the left). 

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To enable this option, one just needs to go to the Galaxy Tablet’s “Settings,” then find the “Preferences section” and enable the “Split layout to include duplicate keys” option. If you deactivate this option, the second and third row of the left side shows an extra key. The good thing is users can quickly switch to the “Standard” option from the “Split keyboard” option from the toolbar pane. 

As per the reports, some Galaxy Tablet devices have seen this change with the 12.9.21 beta version of Gboard. However, it is currently limited, and we are unsure when will it come for all the eligible Galaxy Tablet devices. If you want to download this version of Gboard, you can get help from APK Mirror. You can download it through this page of the APK Mirror website. If you own a Galaxy Tablet, download it and experience its benefits.

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