Google Play January 2024 Update installs new changes

As usual, Google always brings new updates for Android devices every month. The main aim of these updates is to provide new features and improvements for its applications, which take on the role of ensuring the seamless functioning of the devices through its stock applications, including the Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

Google January 2024 system update: What’s new

Google has brought some new changes to different applications, such as the Android intelligence system, more optimization of the adaptive sound feature for Pixel Fold and real-time subtitles, and a new subtitle size style setting for a better experience.

With the latest update, Google has also improved the notification receiving for smartphones, TVs, and PCs that are coming from the Google Play Store. For more information, check out the latest changelog below.

Official Changelog:

Android System Intelligence U.14 (2024-01-08)

  • [Phone] Added adaptive sound tuning for Pixel Fold.
  • [Phone] Live Captions: Added a new setting for caption size and style.

Google Play Store v39.2 (2024-01-08)

  • [PC, phone, TV] With updates to Google Play Protect, you’ll get improved notifications.

The latest feature highlighted through Google Play system updates is coming with the latest version of the Google Play Store v39.2 update. So if you want to get the latest feature, then you should go with the latest update.

Most of the time, your Google Play Store gets automatically updated; however, you can also update it manually by going to the update option and following the simple steps: just go to the settings inside the application, then tap on About. Here,  you will see the update Play Store button highlighted in blue, then tap on it.

Is it necessary to update the Google Play system apps?

It’s not always necessary to update the Google system apps, but if you want to provide seamless service, then you should keep them up-to-date.

Is the Google Play system update similar to a security update?

No, it’s a different update that applies only to Google Stock applications to bring them some new features and improvements, while the security update applies to smartphone internal functions.

Is every Android device eligible for a Google system update?

Yes, every Android device is eligible for a Google system update, but for a long time, Google supported a particular Android version.

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