Google and Samsung Combine Nearby Share and Quick Share

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 gets underway, companies are revealing new features and technology that they plan to release to the general public soon. During the event, Google announced the merger of Nearby Share and Samsung Quick Share, the support of Fast Pair by Google TV, the compatibility of Google Chromecast with more applications and devices, and more. The main distinction between Nearby Share and Quick Share is that the latter is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy headsets. Otherwise, they are almost the same.

While Quick Share is limited to Samsung phones and has additional functionality over Nearby Share, both services utilize the same Wi-Fi direct idea. Google wants to create robust file-sharing software for Android handsets by bridging the gap between the two. Users using Galaxy devices have been known to become confused when compelled to distinguish between the two. However, consumers won’t have to understand Samsung’s needless implementation of proximity-based file sharing going forward.

Combining the two experiences, the firms have produced “the best default, built-in option for peer-to-peer content sharing that works with all kinds of Android and Chromebook device types. Google also revealed its collaboration with PC makers like LG to bring QuickShare as a pre-installed app to Windows PCs. Users will have total control over their privacy with Quick Share, as per Google’s blog post. Among their contacts, their own devices, or other users, the software will allow users to select discoverability choices. From the beginning of next month, Quick Share will be available to Nearby Share users.

Another major announcement:

A few upgrades are coming to Google Chromecast, which enables you to stream audio and video from your Android, Google, and Apple devices. Google made this announcement at CES 2024. In order to make it simple to stream TV shows and movies to compatible LG TVs in your hotel room without having to constantly log in and out of third-party streaming apps, Chromecast is also making its way into additional devices as a built-in function. These products include the 2024 LG TV series with LG Hospitality and Healthcare.

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