Android Auto 11.1 Beta Update Now Available

Android Auto is getting better with all new updates, like last time with the 11.0 stable update, which has grabbed some new features and improvements for the users. For instance, it has grabbed the capability to automatically get the same background for the car display of the connected smartphone’s wallpaper and is also capable of representing the same app and status icon on Galaxy devices. Now, Google has started new beta testing for the Android Auto application.

Android Auto 11.1 Beta: What’s new?

Android Auto comes preinstalled in every Android device, which gives you the ability to transform your car screen into a fully functional Android device with all the important apps supported to make it smoothly functioning. Google frequently provides new software updates. Like now, it is getting new updates in the form of beta 11.1. With the latest update, Google hasn’t published any new changes, but it may bring some new innovations for users.

The latest update of Android Auto will only be available for those users who have enrolled in the Android Auto beta program. If you haven’t enrolled in the beta program yet, you can still do that by going to the official Android Auto page of Google Play. Alternatively, you can also get the latest version from the external link.

FAQ Section:

Android Auto’s new 11.1 beta update is compatible with which Android version devices?

The latest Android Auto beta update is available for devices running Android 8.0 to Android 14.

When is the Android Auto 11.1 stable update available?

There is no exact confirmation available for now, but as per the past timeline, it is expected to be available in the next couple of weeks.

Is it necessary to update Android Auto to use its services?

Its not always necessary to keep Android auto up to date for using the services, but if you keep it updated, then you will always get some latest improvements that could boost your experience.

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