Google Wallet will soon support more state IDs

The head of product management for Google Wallet, Dong Min Kim, stated in an interview with American Banker that the company intends to expand support for state IDs in the Wallet app for Android users. This move was said to be a significant step forward for Google in the coming year. An impending “pipeline” of enhancements was also indicated by Kim.

More challenging than standardizing mobile payments is the difficulty posed by the disparate procedures used by state DMVs and municipal authorities. On the other hand, Kim promised that the wallet app would soon include other states.

In an effort to provide comparable support for state IDs, Google is actively working with nations beyond the US. By digitizing a variety of products such as credit and debit cards, event and transportation tickets, airline boarding passes, loyalty and gift cards, immunization record digital auto keys, student IDs, and employee/office badges, Google Wallet seeks to replace conventional wallets. At first, the extension was intended to focus on state ideas and mobile driver’s licenses. Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia joined Maryland as the states that initially supported this function in December.

These four states are also available in the Apple Wallet. So only four states, namely, Maryland, Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia, are now supported by Google Wallet. In the upcoming months, Google is collaborating with various local agencies to bring additional states online, as per Dong Min Kim, head of product management for Google Wallet. However, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Utah would also support the company’s efforts, as it had previously indicated in September 2021. Kim said that Google is collaborating with other nations to provide comparable support, pointing outside the US market.

Not only is state ID support growing, but Google has also seen that users are storing different types of documents in Google Drive and Gmail. The business thinks that handling this material through Google Wallet would be possible in a better way. The important tab for identity papers in the Files app was removed in India; this might be explained by the push for centralization.

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