Google Wallet Pays Offline

In this era of the internet, it has become easy to do many types of tasks, and online financial translation is also one of them, which has made the money transfer very safe and convenient. But if your device is running out of internet data or doesn’t have any internet coverage, what will you do? Well, here comes the role of Google Wallet, which will provide the service even when you are offline.

Now, with the help of Google Wallet, users will be able to make payments without any need for internet; instead, they are required to have an NFC-supported device because, with the help of this function, they will be able to pay money easily.

How does Google Wallet work offline?

Whenever you open the Google Wallet, you may notice that it suggests cards, so these are the main elements of the offline payment system. These virtual cards work the same as physical cards; to start a payment, you need to select any card and take your phone to the reader. When it establishes a connection through NFC, the transaction occurs.

Google has developed an innovative solution to address concerns about card information being hacked or stolen. It will transmit a one-time code, which will be directly sent to the bank, and it will be verified to be eligible for the transaction. It will only take a few seconds to be processed.

The process is very reliable because it does not share your card information with the receiver, so they will not be able to trace it back or decode anything. All it is sharing is a one-time code, which will not represent any type of information. At first sight, this looks like a very effective payment method, but there are some limitations in it. Because you are sharing a stored one-time code that is stored in your device, it will not work for a long time if you are offline for a certain period; all it needs to be refreshed every couple of days.

Thanks to “9to5Google