Google Wallet on Wear OS Smartwatches Now Supports Loyalty Cards

Google Wallet has been providing several services for Wear OS for a long time. It has a clean interface for doing further transactions by tapping to pay with credit or debit cards, and transit support was limited to Clipper (BART) in San Francisco. Now with the new update, the company has started rolling out the update, which will give the ability to show the loyalty cards.

The latest update for Google Wallet has started rolling out, which is available from Wear OS 3.5+ to the latest watches. It comes with version number 23.46.x, so if you also want to take advantage of new features, then you should update the application to the latest version.

Loyalty cards are a type of card that provides services for payment for specific products and services. To use these services on your Google Pay, you need to add them first. To do that, you need to follow some simple steps: scan the QR code of a specific card from Google Lens, open the link that is generated through it, and it will redirect you to a specific web page. Here, fill in all the necessary details, then tap the join button. Once it’s finished, you can save it to your phone and store it in Google Pay. For easy access, Google has linked the service to WearOS as well.

The loyalty cards will show up after payment methods, with a rectangular preview. However, it is worth noticing that it will not be able to show some cards like COVID, health insurance cards, and other private passes and will be used only through the phone, and the expired passes will also not appear on the smartwatches.

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