Samsung Galaxy Users Face Issues with Google Play System Updates

While Google Play system updates appear to be a persistent issue for Samsung since Galaxy devices haven’t received an update in months, the company has significantly improved the delivery of significant Android upgrades. Many Samsung Galaxy phones remain stuck on system upgrades released between early May and September. When customers attempt to manually install new Google Play system upgrades, the problem results in a number of challenging side consequences.

A few months or more have passed since certain Samsung Galaxy phones received the identical Google Play System changes, as per a recent report from the Dutch news blog GalaxyClub. It appears that the number of Galaxy smartphones running various Android versions is affected by the problem. There are differences in the software performance and available features between devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy S23 Ultra, which are still utilizing upgrades from July 2023, and the Galaxy S22 and S21, which are stuck on the October update.

With upgrades due in September and August, respectively, even entry-level devices like the Galaxy A52 and A34 are not exempt from this. The May 1 update is the only one that has been updated so far; however, the Galaxy S20 series adds even more color. The Play System upgrade for the Galaxy A52 arrived in November 2023, while the Galaxy A53 received it in September. Occasionally, the message “Your device is up to date” or “Updates are temporarily unavailable” appears after a manual check. Go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Updates -> Google Play System Update on your Galaxy to find out when the most recent update was installed.

Updating the security on your phone may be done in a number of ways, including through Google Play system updates. Thus, the absence of the Play System upgrades does not pose a major issue right now. There is nothing that impacted customers can do because side loading or manually installing Google Play system updates is not possible. However, despite previous attempts to address the issue, it should be corrected once again.

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