Android Auto has now ability to save the parking location on Google Maps

Nowadays, Android Auto has become a necessary accessory for cars. It has grabbed several new features that provide convenience for drivers. For entertainment purposes, it also supports many smartphone-compatible applications for streaming songs and videos. Along with this, the most important thing is that it has a navigation feature that is available through different applications, including Google Maps and Waze. Now, through Google Maps, it is getting a new useful feature.

Android Auto users are now able to use the parking feature on Google Maps

Earlier, Google introduced the parking feature on smartphones, which allows users to pin and save the parking location in the application. In a very simple way, your phone is set to the location that denotes where you have parked your car, and this is very appreciated by the users as it easily locates the car and you will easily search for it.

Now that the same feature is arriving for Android Auto, Google has silently rolled out a toggle with the latest version, which lets you save your parking location when you arrive at a location. To use this function, you just have to wait until you arrive at the specific location, then the option will start appearing. Now,  when you have successfully parked your car, tap on the save parking location.

The latest feature is available through the latest update of Google Maps, so if you want to use the feature, then check if you have updated to the latest version or not. To update the application to the latest version, go to the official Play Store page through this link.

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