Threads introduced ‘Tags’, to organize posts by topics

Meta is actively rolling out a new update for its multiple social media applications. Like earlier, we covered some new features coming to Messenger. Now it’s time for threads, which is getting a new feature of tags, which provide users with the ability to organize posts by topic.

In today’s official post, it said that Threads users will soon get a new feature for ‘Tags’ which will provide the facility to categorize a post and make them highlight along with the post with similar topics. The functionality of tags is pretty much similar to that of hashtags, but they will also create different impacts.

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With ‘Tags’ Meta has limited the topic to be tagged as single, and by following this strategy, the company is making the post available to those people who are interested in a particular category of content. This solves the problem of reaching irrelevant content to users and makes the algorithm more clean.

Along with this, the company has also brought the tag a new appearance; instead of using the # with topics, it will highlight it with a blue color similar to the simplified hyperlink text. However, when you are creating the post, you have to use # before the topic, but after publishing, they are removed.

As far as the availability of new changes is concerned, it is expected that you will get the feature automatically from the server side in a few hours, but if you haven’t updated the application for a long time, then first update it to the latest version and then try to use it.

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