WhatsApp Beta supports high-quality photos and videos in Status

WhatsApp, being the most famous messaging application for users all around the world, always strives to hold its top position by introducing new features that ease the user’s conversation. High-quality photo sending was one of the features that WhatsApp was testing. This update was made to make it easier to share high-quality images and movies while maintaining their original size.

Since then, WhatApp has been working hard to improve this function so that users have more control in a variety of situations. WhatsApp is actively working on adding a premium option to status updates.

WhatsApp Beta Version

With the help of the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android update, which is accessible through the Google Play Store, this feature is said to arrive. Version of the app, which adds several new features for sharing HD photographs and videos within the United States, was just released to the beta channel. Individuals using the instant messaging software may currently share HD films and photographs with other individuals and groups. A new “HD” option will appear in the graphic editor when making a WhatsApp status to upload material, as per the screenshot the website uploaded.

WhatsApp Beta revealed a few days ago that the developers are working on a feature that would let you automatically post updates to your status on Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, the newly released version of WhatsApp enhances status sharing even further. The newly released version of WhatsApp enhances status sharing even further by enabling the high-quality uploading of images and videos. It is currently in development, but a future software version will include the ability to transmit high-quality photographs and videos to status.

This would improve the workflow and remove the need for workarounds by bringing the possibility of transmitting high-quality photos or videos through status updates to the drawing editor on a consistent basis. To experience this, go to the Google Play Store and join the WhatsApp beta program, and from there, you can access the latest beta version of the app through an update to your smartphone.

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