WhatsApp could add audio to screen sharing

WhatsApp has introduced many useful features this year, for instance, chat lock, channelsmulti-account support, and many more. With a plethora of new features, the company also has a very important and useful feature, screen sharing, which has unlocked more potential in WhatsApp.

With the screen sharing features, the company has attracted those users who usually go with the Zoom of Google Meet for conducting meetings and organizing lectures. However, due to its lack of audio compatibility, it hasn’t grabbed much attention, but thankfully, according to some reports, the company will soon provide it to the users.

According to Android Authority, the latest WhatsApp beta version contains a specific code that indicates that the company will soon provide audio compatibility for the screen sharing window. This will make the feature more useful, as you can easily explain things with a recorded presentation.

Other than this, you should not expect other advanced capabilities of content watching through only streaming platforms, as currently there is no evidence found about that, but there’s still hope that WhatsApp will introduce the feature in the coming days. However, if you want to experience watching content on multiple screens at the same time, you can check out the Amazon Watch Party service, where up to 100 people can watch similar content and have conversations in chats.

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