WhatsApp now allows you to lock chat with fingerprint or passcode

WhatsApp is one of the very popular applications in the social media market. This application provides a simple and clean interface to communicate with each other through different mediums like text messages, voice calls, and video calls. Primarily, WhatsApp is known for security, and it provides end-to-end encrypted massage service so no one can get entrance into your privacy. Now adding a new security layer company has announced a new chat lock feature.

WhatsApp chatting will be more secure

In an official blog post company has announced that it is rolling out a new lock function that will help users to make their chat more secure. Till now, we used to lock WhatsApp only from the outside. But soon, with some new updates, we will be able to lock individual chat.

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The company further said that users could lock any number of chats by taping and holding the chat and then tao in lock options. There are two options available to set the lock on the option Password and biometric (fingerprint).

This feature will remove the hesitation to share your phone; you can easily share your phone with your friends or family member without worrying about any sensitive chat message popups. In addition to these WhatsApp team also said that it will also add some new chat lock-related opticians, like custom passwords for each chat so you can set different passwords from the one you use for your phone.

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