WearOS 4 brings new animated Tiles for Spotify and WhatsApp

Samsung’s WearOS-booted Galaxy Watches are in a win-win situation as they can use the parent company Samsung’s One UI Watch features as well as the WearOS-parent Google’s smartwatch features. Previously, rumors regarding Samsung’s One UI Watch 5 were being spread only, but yesterday, Google’s WearOS (on which One UI Watch 5 will be based) also got big news. Let’s know more about what this WearOS news unveiled.

As per the reports, before WearOS version 4, Google will launch a handful of novelties for WearOS-booted smartwatches, which will amaze the Galaxy Watch (only those running on WearOS) users as well. It is said that these novelties will specifically be related to Tiles. Informatively, the newer version of the Jetpack Tiles library (Version 1.2) provides developers an option to add animations on the Tiles that work in two ways. 

  • Tween animations “create smooth transitions on changes to the part of your layout,” like the goal/status ring often used by fitness apps.
  • Transition animations will “animate new or disappearing elements from the tile,” like when a weather forecast updates.

However, that’s not it for these WearOS novelties. In addition to those, the new library also brings the ability to update once per second to the Tiles that use platform data sources like heart rate, step count, or time. It is interesting how a tile gets updated while it is visible or when they are just one swap away from the visible screen. Whatever, it will surely help users while arranging the Tiles. 

Besides all, WearOS have also said to receive Gmail and Google Calendar later this year; if that happens, WearOS and WearOS-booted device’s utility will be even more enhanced. Additionally, new Spotify and Whatsapp (currently available as a beta in WearOS) Tiles are also expected to arrive. Notably, the new Spotify Tiles will let you see and start recent podcast episodes and frequently played albums and access the Spotify DJ. 

It is really peace-delivering that WearOS is bringing various new Tiles and novelties to smartwatches, including Galaxy Watches (only Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series devices). These will surely help users and will make their work easy. Let us tell you one more amazing thing, the newly-arrived WearOS 4 will arrive in the Galaxy Watches with the next Galaxy Watch 6 series (most probably), along with One UI Watch 5. 

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