Google Wallet Adds Web Access for Boarding Passes, Making It Easier to Share Them with Anyone

Boarding passes and event tickets may now be shared with others via a link, all credits to a new feature that Google Wallet for Android is now rolling out. An easy method to share passes with friends and family, especially those who don’t have the Google Wallet app loaded on their smartphones, is this functionality, which was initially hinted at as part of Android’s July system upgrades. You only need to open the desired pass from the credit and debit card carousel in order to share it.

There’s an indication to the left of the overflow menu indicating if sharing is allowed with that specific pass. Google Wallet notifies the user that sharing this pass cannot be undone before the activity is finished. The receiver can transmit this pass to anyone after you share it. It is not possible to select “Don’t show again” when this dialog window pops up repeatedly. A lengthy will appear when you tap to open the system share sheet link. The Google Wallet app will open for the receiver when they touch the URL on an Android device to save it.

The screen will automatically brighten as it opens, making it easier for you to scan. A web user interface may be accessed by PC and iOS users. Accordingly, after adding the pass to your Google Account, you may completely load it, including the QR code, online even if you don’t have the Google Wallet app loaded. The ease with which passes may be shared across family members makes this feature especially helpful for homes with both Android and iPhone users.

Faster airport check-ins are possible when you use Google Wallet to share your boarding pass with your traveling companions. Now that your friends can just obtain their boarding tickets via the app, you don’t need to wait for them to locate theirs. Regretfully, it appears that not all airline boarding cards or event tickets are compatible with this current functionality. The guidelines for sharing passes are available on Google’s support page, although they are vague on what conditions must be met in order for a pass to be considered “shareable.” As of now, there are still some tickets, loyalty cards, and boarding and event passes on the app that say they can’t be shared.

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