Google Wallet adds new features: disable animations and add cards with a photo

Google Team has brought an exclusive feature for users who aren’t more focused on animations. Google Wallet has added a new feature that allows users to eliminate the amusing Pay animation that shows after completing a transaction. To begin with, the Animations section of Google Wallet settings now includes a toggle that allows you to choose whether or not to trigger animations for successful payments. If you don’t like the quirky Pay animation that shows after using Google Wallet, “Success animations” is a new on/off button at the bottom of Google Wallet settings that says,See fun animations after you complete a payment or use a pass.”

These animations, if enabled, show just above the card being used, and several excellent seasonal variations have been developed in the past; however, unaffected users may now disable them completely. Google Wallet’s new option to add a photo pass by capturing the barcode or QR code, which was first shown in June and announced again last month, is available to selected customers. When the “Add to Wallet” FAB is present on your smartphone, it will display a sixth option:

  • Payment card
  • Public transport
  • Card
  • Loyalty card
  • Wrapping paper
  • Photo 

A new feature is on its way to the app: you may add barcodes and QR codes from photographs. You will be able to produce a pass from a digital copy of a barcode or QR code. This pass will be kept in the same place as your other cards.

Google Play Store getting even darker with new update

The Google Wallet app in the Play Store last month shifted to a versioning scheme modeled after Google Play services. It is now available in the 23.38.x version. Users can get the updated version of the app for Android devices, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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