Samsung’s future Galaxy Watches could use Micro LED displays

Samsung, one of the world’s leading display providers, has stated that it will expand its MicroLED technology to smaller screens, such as smartwatches and signs. Previously, it was seen that MicroLED technology was used in Samsung’s highest-end TVs, but the potential of using the same technology in gadgets like smartwatches is quite appealing. It will be great to see the technology debut on the Galaxy Watch Ultra. The Galaxy Watch Ultra is currently only a rumor. However, it is true that Samsung has begun to develop microLEDs for smaller displays.

This might even imply that smartphones will use this technology; however, we need to wait for the result. Currently, Samsung’s Galaxy watch model employs OLED display technology. The sophisticated MicroLED technology is now available on the company’s top smart TVs. Moving away from OLED and towards microLED has several advantages, including enhanced contrast ratio and color reproduction. However, in terms of a wearable, the largest difference would most likely be improved battery consumption stats and higher peak brightness, with which the Galaxy Watch would benefit.

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Possibly, Samsung will produce a limited quantity of this watch in the future, but the possibilities are slim, especially given that their MicroLED TV products are only affordable to a small number of people worldwide. A microLED display is a panel that uses micrometer-sized subminiature LEDs as pixels. It excels in brightness, contrast ratio, and color reproduction and has great visibility in direct sunlight. The low energy consumption of the tiny LED display is expected to be a game changer in mobile devices such as smartwatches and smartphones.

Switching from OLED screens to MicroLED in smartwatches would benefit not only Samsung but also Apple, its main competitor. This is due to the fact that Samsung Display is Apple’s main supplier of screens. However, as stated previously, Apple may possibly introduce MicroLED on the Apple Watch before Samsung.

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