Gboard not working in some apps on Galaxy Watch

The Wear OS 4 update provides a number of new features and capabilities; however, in recent times, the version has been lacking Gboard. According to the details, some Galaxy Watch users have noticed that Google’s keyboard vanishes when required. Reddit reports have surfaced in recent months that the One UI 5 Watch (Wear OS 4) upgrade is creating keyboard issues on the Galaxy Watch (via Android Police). Opening the Reminders app on a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the user said it displays a dark screen when selecting “Add reminder.”

The problem appears to be with Google’s Gboard, which is not showing up. When you start a new note in applications like Google Keep and TickTick, the screen goes blank, leaving users with no ability to input text. It is important to make the users aware that neither the app nor the watch stops at this point. It’s the keyboard that isn’t visible on the screen; the buttons and touch gestures continue to function normally, allowing you to return to the previous screen or hop to the watch face.

Following up with multiple customers, they have been reporting on online forums that Wear OS versions of previous Galaxy watches introduced the same fault to the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5. Reports have also spread to the Wear OS community forums, with one user claiming the issue is occurring on his Galaxy Watch 5. While the majority of the concerns have focused on Google Keep and Samsung Reminder, users have also experienced keyboard difficulties with other programs such as Bring, Samsung Alarm, TickTick, Todoist, and Weargram.

It is also important to note that there is no such issue with the Pixel Watch versions. Perhaps the problem is limited to Samsung One UI watch versions. Only a few apps are impacted by this fault, indicating that the problem is with the apps rather than the OS or Gboard. Returning to the Samsung keyboard may be a temporary solution.

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Thanks to “Android Police