One UI 5 Watch Brings New Movement Reminder Animations For Galaxy Watches

With One UI 6.0, the South Korean company is planning great enhancements for its selectable smartphones, while the Galaxy smartwatches are getting minor transformations through the One UI 5 Watch update. The animation is the key that drives the users of Galaxy smartwatches, and it is exciting to know that the reminder animations are getting a change. We all know that smartwatches are designed to analyze the movements of the wearer and work according to them.

When the watch detects that the wearer hasn’t moved a bit for a while, there will be a reminder that says, “Time to get moving! As per the previous Watch OS update, One UI 4.5, if the user begins their physical movement, then there will be a new reminder that states, “Great! You’ve resumed activity. But this update isn’t included in the official changelog; it now appears that these animations have been entirely removed in One UI 5 Watch. However, this change isn’t something that can be appreciated to a great extent.

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The newer animations have an entirely new aesthetic approach and style. The change is that, instead of footprints and particles, the users are getting two arrows pointing up when it’s time to move and a large green check mark when the smartwatch detects movements. The reason behind the case of not appreciable is that the animations appear to be quite archaic and seem to not fit in the Wear OS upgrade.

To get their hands on the latest One UI 5 Watch update, watch users need to follow the instructions with their Wi-Fi connectivity on.

  • Go to the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Click on Watch Settings.
  • Select Watch software update
  • Choose, obtain, and install.

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