Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: Will we see a new version in 2024?

Samsung offers three versions of the Galaxy Watch series to its users. Starting with the first edition of the Galaxy Watch series, the base variant was introduced first. The classic variant was introduced along with the Galaxy Watch 4 series and reintroduced this year alongside the Galaxy Watch 6 series. Then the Galaxy Watch Pro was brought into public as an upgraded version from last year. Now there are talks going on regarding the arrival of the Galaxy Watch Ultra; however, this is something that is tipped by the manufacturer. These rumors turned out when it was revealed that Samsung is shifting from OLED to MicroLED for gadgets that enable small displays like smartwatches.

Several rumors have surfaced that this could result in a new version of the Galaxy Watch Ultra, which may be included in the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series. To compete with the Apple Watch Ultra 2, Samsung may develop the Galaxy Watch Ultra, and if it turns out to be accurate, this will be the company’s first smartwatch to employ a microLED display. The South Korean giant already offers the ultra variant of the smartphones in their flagship S series as the highest pricing variant. So we may expect a similar case here with the Watch series.

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With a few enhancements, this new display technology would take the place of the OLED that Galaxy Watches already employ. The Apple Watch Ultra is another product that aims to follow this path; however, the launch date is around 2025. If Samsung rushes before that, then Apple needs to rely somewhere for their panels. All of this information about the Galaxy Watch Ultra is a rumor as of now. If Samsung has started its work on microLED screen development, we can also anticipate that this technology will be utilized in the smartphone division too.

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