Galaxy Watch 4/5/6 Users Can Now Send and Receive Voice Memos in Google Messages

There was an announcement last month that Google Message will be adding Voice Memo functionality to the Wear OS in light of the growing popularity of voice notes. Now Google Messages is enabling voice memo sending and listening through the Wear OS. In other words, you can send voice messages without a smartphone using your Wear OS watches. This comes as great news for Galaxy Watch users, as it is important to note that the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, and Watch 6 series run on the Wear OS. When used with compatible devices, voice memos let users record notes that may be heard whenever and wherever they are needed.

You may record and send audio messages from your wrist through your smartwatches with the Messages for Wear OS without reaching for your phone. This may be claimed as one of the significant features that smartwatch users have requested. Tap the microphone symbol on your watch to start a chat. The user interface has a progress ring, so you may put it near your wrist as recording begins right away. With the option to pause and send, the maximum recording time is 59 seconds. The most recent Google Messages for Wear OS beta version 20231010_01_RC00 has voice memo capability.

All the smartwatches from the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, and Watch 6 series run on the newest version of Wear OS, Wear OS 4. So, it is obvious that these watches will receive this functionality. Now there is a voice message option instead of the voice to text option earlier. You can now listen to voicemails on your watch; however, a clear method to change the volume is not found, as the crown just allows you to navigate up and down the chat thread. While Google Messages would profit from Wear OS Tiles that show your inbox or serve as shortcuts to conversations, WhatsApp has offered a functionality similar to this since its debut.

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