Samsung Display will begin manufacture of Gen 8 OLEDs in 2026

According to market research company UBI Research, Samsung Display will begin mass production of OLED for IT goods in the first half of 2026 with its 8th generation organic light-emitting diode (OLED) line for IT. Following the announcement of a 4.1 trillion won investment in April, Samsung Display has started ordering equipment from local and overseas equipment firms to be introduced into the 8th generation OLED line for IT.

According to UBI Research, LG Display and BOE are also anticipated to invest in Gen 8 OLED after they have secured money and clients. Gen 8 relates to substrate size, and larger ones are more cost-effective for producing larger panels. Coming to Gen 6 substrates, they are used to make OLED screens used in smartphones. OLED panels used in bigger products such as tablets, laptops, and monitors will be more lucrative to produce with Gen 8.

Samsung will provide Apple with OLED panels for tablets, laptops by 2026

According to UBI Research, demand for Gen 8 OLED panels for set manufacturers will expand in the future, allowing them to become the new profit generators for display producers.

The analytics group also stated that 7.9 million units of IT OLED panels are scheduled to be sold this year, but this will increase to 18.8 million units next year. The reason behind this is that Apple, Samsung Display’s major customer for OLED panels, is scheduled to release its first OLED iPad in 2024.

Visionox was also in negotiations with equipment manufacturers about investing in Gen 8 OLED panels, as stated by the analysis company. It was also claimed by UBI Research that Samsung Display and LG Display are likely to leverage their current Gen 6 OLED production facilities to deliver the first batch of panels used in OLED iPads.

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