Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Camera details leaked: 200MP quad-camera setup and more

A source has leaked the camera specifications for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the company’s next flagship smartphone. The leak highlights some of the device’s essential camera configurations, which are likely to be unveiled next year. A reliable tipster, RgCloudS, has revealed the camera configuration of the model in a more detailed way. The camera setup of the ultra variant had been the subject of several discussions, most likely about its 200 MP quad-camera arrangement.

Camera configuration of the Galaxy S24 Ultra as specified by tipster:

  • A 200 MP main camera with a sensor size of 1/1.3-inch and a pixel size of 0.6 μm
  • A 12 MP ultra-wide camera with an IMX564 sensor and 1.4 μm pixel size
  • A 10 MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom and an IMX754+ sensor with a ⅓.52-inch sensor size and 1.12 μm pixel size
  • The GMU sensor, with a 0.25-inch sensor size and 0.8 μm pixel size, is used in a 48-MP periscope telephoto camera with a 5x optical magnification.
  • The ultimate aperture of the 5x telephoto camera is projected to be about f/3.2.
  • A 12 MP front camera is expected, just like its predecessor.

Added to the S24 Ultra, despite its 5x optical zoom, the gadget will come with amazing 100x zoom capabilities. However, we cannot finalize anything as to the accurate camera system of the gadget because the firm has not responded from its side regarding this. We can expect the camera specification to be similar to some information given by the tipster. He also spilled some beans about the S24 Ultra’s successor, the Galaxy S25 Ultra, which will be coming out in the first quarter of 2025. It was claimed that the model would also include 4x and 6x telephoto lenses, as well as a new Vizion sensor in place of laser autofocus.

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It is important to note that both the Vizion 44 and Vizion 55 have finished development, with the Vizion 55 having a ⅙.4-inch sensor size and real-time 60 fps depth picture capabilities. Samsung most likely seems to go for the Vizion 55 sensor.

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