Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Could Feature 432MP Camera Sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is the latest device that is equipped with the company’s high-end camera technology, ISOCELL HP2. This is specially designed for the flagship series device to enhance the camera performance. Now Samsung is planning to go to the next level with a 432 MP camera sensor, but unfortunately, the Galaxy S24 may not be the first device to get it, as it could get the HP7 200 MP camera, which brings more additional touches to enhancements. The technology is under development; it may take more time and will be available with the Galaxy S25 Ultra.

According to a tipster, @Revegnus, Samsung is preparing a 1-inch sensor in the “HW ” series and in the upcoming HW1, which features a 432 MP camera. If this happens, then the Galaxy S25 will be a game changer for Samsung and maybe make it one of the top-of-the-line camera-supported phones.

As compared to the current ISOCELL HP2 sensor, the HW series sensor could give a 2x better experience as they are made with a 1-inch frame that will help to process the good quality of photos as there is much space available for capturing more colors. However, it also depends on the software and how it will process the file on your device.

However, there are some disadvantages that may also come with a large sensor camera. When the quality of the photos increases, it generally buttons on the storage of the device, as if you compare it with the Galaxy S23 camera photos, it will capture photos in more detail and will eat up double the space if you take a shot with a 432 MP sensor. It will directly impact the prices of devices as the company has to release devices with more storage capacity. But we hope that Samsung will solve this problem with its latest pixel-binning technology that converts content made by the camera into compressed form so it will not take up extra storage and won’t impact its quality.

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