Samsung and Rebellions Partner to Develop Next-Gen AI Chips

As part of its efforts to strengthen its position in the AI semiconductor market, Samsung Electronics has struck a strategic relationship with Rebellions, a Seoul-based AI chip designer, to create a processor for generative AI. Rebellions is a firm that makes artificial intelligence (AI) chips. It excels at bridging the gap between underlying semiconductor designs and deep learning techniques. According to Rebellions on Thursday, the processor will be created by the end of next year.

Rebellions’ next-generation AI chip will be built using Samsung Foundry’s 4nm technology. Rebel is a neural processing unit that will be manufactured in the United States utilizing Samsung’s 4 nanometer manufacturing technology. The processor will be designed by Rebellions, while Samsung will manufacture it as well as supply the memory chips, provisionally dubbed HBM3E. HBM3E is the High Bandwidth Memory Gen 3 Extended, which adheres to the HBM3 standard. Stacks of DIMM chips are stacked above a logic die and connected to an interposer, which connects them to a GPU or CPU.

It is important to note that Rebellions and Samsung Foundry agreed to work on Rebel to design, develop, and manufacture in South Korea. This will truly have a great impact on the South Korean semiconductor industry. A lot of people didn’t know that the previous chip from Rebellions, called ATOM, was built using Samsung Foundry’s 5nm technology. The upcoming chip’s development, including logic design, chip layout, and chip verification, will be headed by Samsung Foundry. Further, the chip’s development is expected to be finished in the second half of next year.

Samsung Foundry Vice President Jung Ki-bong said, “Samsung regards system semiconductors, particularly the AI semiconductor market, as a core future business. Through collaboration with Rebellions, we aim to further develop the domestic semiconductor ecosystem.”

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