Samsung Foldables to Get Exclusive and Optimized Games from Epic, Krafton, and Others

Several prominent worldwide gaming companies, including Epic Games and Krafton, have announced a collaboration with Samsung Electronics to build custom-made games for the Galaxy Fold. More “foldable-specific content” in the global market is required to rapidly increase the market for foldable smartphones. Samsung intends to differentiate itself from Chinese competitors by advertising Galaxy foldable phones with games built just for them. On the 8th, Samsung Research launched a ‘Gaming Task Force team’ in four nations, including Korea, the United States, China, and Ukraine.

Samsung Research is a cutting-edge technological research and development (R&D) organization inside Samsung Electronics’ Device Experience (DX) business, which is in charge of final goods such as smartphones. Gaming TF is cooperating with big publishers all around the world to build innovative games like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. Epic Games in the United States, Krafton, NCSoft, Nexon, Smilegate, Kakao Games, and Pearl Abyss are all collaborating on this. Just 1.6% of all smartphones delivered this year will be foldable, as per TrendForce. According to Samsung Electronics, increased media attention committed to the form factor would assist the market for foldable phones.

Because the game’s screen is twice as tall as that of a standard phone, it is being evaluated as content that may demonstrate the advantages of a foldable device. President Roh believes that adding ‘killer content’ that can only be experienced on foldable phones would accelerate market growth. Global foldable smartphone shipments are predicted to rise 37.7% from 18.3 million units this year to 25.2 million units next year, as per TrendForce. Shipments are expected to hit 70 million units by 2027. According to industry analysts, “foldable phones are settling down in the market.”

The major objective is to work with worldwide game companies such as Epic Games, Kakao Games, and Krafton to create games exclusively for foldable phones. Samsung is adamant that its foldable display technology constitutes a significant technical leap. However, in order for foldables to become as popular as projected in the premium smartphone market, it will be important to supply killer content or software, such as UI/UX designs. Samsung Electronics intends to develop a business that connects Galaxy foldable devices with games in the future. The debut of ‘Samsung Gaming Hub,’ a cloud game platform especially for Galaxy smartphones, is most likely in the first quarter of next year.

They are also working on a design strategy for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for foldable smartphones, and Samsung Electronics is collaborating closely with Google, the creator and operator of the Android operating system.

An official in the gaming industry predicted, “As smartphone performance improves, an environment has been created where high-spec games can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere,” and added, “Collaboration between Samsung and game companies will play a positive role in expanding the foldable phone market.”

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