Samsung’s ‘2023 Tech Forum’ will be held in Silicon Valley, California, USA

Samsung just announced that on the 6th (local time), it would host a ‘2023 Tech Forum’ in Silicon Valley, USA. External leaders were asked to explain significant commercial directions and research topics, as well as to debate technological trends. This seminar was attended by 90 participants, including top developers and designers from the United States as well as officials from Samsung Electronics. Beginning with a lecture on “The Future of Samsung Electronics R&D” by Samsung Electronics CTO President Kyung-hoon Jeon, executives from each business division and organization, including video display, MX, home appliances, network, Samsung research, and so on.

An opportunity to explain the future vision was also provided, drawing great attention from attendees. The attendees of the event include:

  • CEO and Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee
  • MX Division President Noh Tae-moon
  • Network Division Vice President Kim Woo-jun
  • Chief DX Technology Division officer Jeon Gyeong-hoon
  • Other divisional development leaders

Furthermore, guests had the opportunity to listen to lectures and engage in discussions with Samsung Electronics executives in relevant sectors on recent hot subjects such as artificial intelligence (AI), mobile experience, home appliances, SoC, and network virtual technology. Samsung Electronics is committed to providing networking opportunities for top talent through a variety of events, guaranteeing its continuous contribution to the ever-changing technological environment.

The 5th annual ‘Tech Forum’ was hosted at Samsung Research America in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. Prominent developers, designers, and Samsung officials met to discuss significant business directions, research areas, and technological trends. The firm will continue to create human networking opportunities for outstanding individuals.

Samsung Developer Conference 2023: Quick Bytes on the Event

Vice Chairman Jong-hee Han said at the event, “Samsung Electronics has been paying attention to how technology can solve real-life difficulties and problems in order to provide a better daily experience,” and added, “Through personalized hyper-connectivity where all devices are connected as one, “we are trying to make the technology that contains our dreams and wishes into reality.”

One attendee of the forum said, “I was able to learn about Samsung Electronics’ commitment to sustainable business and its R&D vision for this,” adding, “Samsung Electronics is making a lot of effort to play a leading role not only in its current business field but also in future technology. “It is time to understand that it exists,” he said.

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