Samsung and Possibilities Clinic Partner: SmartThings Can Support Canadians with ADHD

A prevalent neurodevelopmental condition in children is ADHD. As part of its celebration of ADHD Awareness Month in October, Samsung Canada is pleased to work with ADHD specialists at the Possibilities Clinic to create a center of resources that focuses on the ways in which SmartThings and other connected technologies may help Canadians with ADHD. This will provide practical help for people with the disorder. Samsung Canada has teamed up with top ADHD specialists at Possibilities Clinic to demonstrate how SmartThings’ cutting-edge features and technology can provide everyday assistance for the 1.8 million Canadians who suffer from ADHD.

Support is available for kids, teenagers, and adults from the Possibilities Clinic’s ADHD specialists. Exciting possibilities are built by a team of individuals from several disciplines working with clients. The new Samsung portal provides consumers with information on simple ways SmartThings technology may improve their daily lives in honor of ADHD Awareness Month. In medicine, psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, social work, occupational therapy, education, and business leadership, experts collaborate with patients at the Possibilities clinic to create exciting possibilities.

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The resource hub, which is now live, outlines key times throughout the day when SmartThings, Samsung apps, and other connected technology can play a supportive role for Canadians with ADHD, helping to improve routines, reduce distractions, enhance creativity, and more. Examples include automating a routine in the SmartThings app, activating Focus Mode to prevent interruptions, setting up a sleep schedule for the best sleep, and setting reminders to keep track of important items. It is simple to include routines in users’ daily routines because of the hub’s abundance of information. The hub’s layout offers both a “text mode” and a “visual mode,” where users may switch between bulleted text and icons as they see fit.

Jihoon Lee, President and CEO, Samsung Canada, commented, At Samsung, supporting mental health is a key area of focus. We are incredibly proud to partner with the Possibilities Clinic for ADHD Awareness Month and help bring to life even more ways that SmartThings and connected technology can help Canadians with ADHD enhance their well-being.”

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Dr. Doron Almagor, Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist, and the Director of Possibilities Clinic said, Possibilities Clinic is pleased to have aligned with Samsung’s SmartThings platform for ADHD Awareness Month in October to help highlight how integrated technology can assist and inspire individuals with ADHD, from completing daily tasks to capturing creative ideas and increasing quality time with family.”

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