Samsung May Offer Software Updates for More Than 5 Years

Samsung is doing very appreciative work in terms of new updates, earlier, the company followed a software update policy that assured that the high-end Galaxy device would get new updates for a minimum of four years, which included three major Android updates and security updates for four years. After getting competition from other brands, the company reissued the new software update policy back in 2022 and promised to give five years of updates.

Now Samsung is planning to expand the security update for another year. In an interview, Shin-Chull Baik, principal engineer and technical program manager of the security theme of Samsung’s Mobile Experience division, revealed that the company has been actively discussing what effective steps should be taken by the company so it can extend the update cycle for its devices beyond five years.

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It clearly indicates that Samsung is actively working on its strategy towards bringing new changes to the software update strategy. It should be kept in mind that it’s not that easy for Samsung to bring immediate changes because the company is currently bringing new updates for more than 1 billion devices every month and over 10 billion every year. There are more than 150 devices available in Samsung’s smartphone catalog, which is further divided into three categories for update eligibility, including monthly, quarterly, and biannual updates.

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Samsung is aggressively working towards updating its software update policy because it doesn’t want to be behind any other Android smartphone brands. Recently, with the Pixel 8 series, Google announced that it will give security updates for seven years, so to match the Android company, Samsung will also raise the bar of updates. However, if we talk about Android updates, there is no indication that any change will happen for it, which means devices will get the usual four updates. 

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