Google’s 7-Year Software Update Promise Gets Mixed Reactions

The revelation of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro also brought up the 7 years of software support announcement from Google at the Made by Google event. This will include security updates, Pixel feature drop releases, and Android OS upgrades, which has created great hype. Just after the announcement, the initial reactions were ‘wow’ but this gradually turned into disappointment within a week, and it was termed that Google should be scrutinized, is dishonest, and their guarantee means nothing. Several videos from the sources, Linus, The Verge, and MKBHD, have made it worse by claiming this software support is nothing more than a pointless one. These things surely make us wonder what the issue is behind these sorts of comments.

The one main cause of this is that believing Google when they say a commitment would last for seven years is silly, as discontinuity of services and products often happens. Also, a lot of people lost trust in the business after shutting down several things, like

  • The Pixel Pass, which is a product that was signed up by 25 people.
  • The Google Podcasts app that was just a browser disguised as an app
  • Jamboard, a platform for specialized business presentations
  • Big G’s cloud gaming platform, Stadia

Initially, the firm offered three years of OS and security upgrades for the Pixel phones when they debuted, but it didn’t turn out well, and users never questioned them again. The level of service was later increased to three years of OS and five years of security updates. Till now, Google has fulfilled all software promises made for the 8th generation of Pixel phones. It is a disappointment that even after 7 years of its support, the firm hasn’t gained any trust. The other criticism is that now Google is wrong for offering a Pro model that differs from the non-Pro version in terms of functionality.

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It is claimed that Google is pricing specialized functionality like AI-powered concepts and restricting another phone from supporting those features when it should be able to. Even though the $699 Pixel 8 has the same Google Tensor G3 CPU, camera, and seven-year warranty as the $999 Pixel 8 Pro, Google arbitrarily locks down software capabilities. Only the Pixel 8 Pro runs Google’s foundational generative AI machine learning models on the device itself, which enable the new real-time Google recorder, improved Magic eraser, and smart Google keyboard.

Google is following the same process as Apple did with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, with the higher price bringing the lacking features of the earlier model. You should compare both devices instead of treating the Pixel 8 as a little Pixel 8 Pro, which it isn’t. It is said that Google is offering you a non-Pro and a Pro-level phone because they want them to be perceived differently. The play is that they want you to receive extra if you purchase the Pro phone, much like Apple. We may choose whether to pay extra for the goods or not, but that’s what they are trying to sell us with the Pixel 8 series.

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