Google Weather Redesign Makes its Way to Samsung and Other Android Devices

Back in October, Google came up with a makeover of the Google Weather application, and this experience was made available on its Pixel tablet and Pixel Fold devices. Later, the feature was also offered to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro at the time of launch.

Now it seems that the change is coming to Samsung’s Galaxy devices and other Android devices, breaking the rule of being limited to Pixel devices. If you notice, for the past few weeks, some devices that do not fall under the Pixel category, like Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy tablets, have reported seeing the redesigned appearance of Google Weather.

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However, the change isn’t brought up for every Android user. In other words, it can be said that Pixel will still be the only place to acquire the two Material You widgets. For non-Pixel people, it can be accessed via At a Glance, which is the home screen shortcut that returns its previous appearance. All you need to do is simply tap your profile avatar in the Weather application.

The redesigned appearance of Google Weather:

With the exception of the Froggy mascot, it replaces the previous three-tab structure on phones with a single feed that begins by stating the moment. After that, the users will be presented with the 10-day prediction and an hourly forecast carousel that you may touch for additional information. Along with precipitation, wind, and humidity each hour, cards at the bottom display pressure, UV index, wind, humidity, and sunrise and sunset times. A two-column arrangement with the forecast on the left is displayed on tablets and foldable devices. 

Rain, hail, and snow predictions in the contiguous United States and certain European nations are powered by Google Nowcast, namely MetNet-3. The current prediction and the hourly carousel at the top of the app are separated by these 12-hour “Rain starting soon” forecasts. It will be divided accordingly if there is a moderate, medium, or severe deluge. Another thing to discuss is if Google intends to provide integration for devices other than pixels in its Clock app.

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