Google Weather App Could Go Solo

Google has recently improved the Weather app, which is exclusively compatible with Pixel smartphones. Although the new weather interface is stylish and user-friendly, it remains concealed within the Google app. Either the at-a-glance widget or the Google search bar must be used by users to access it from their home screen. Google appears to be attempting to improve the weather app’s independence and accessibility.

A special weather shortcut that resembles a standard app icon has been noticed by certain Pixel users in their app grid. But the icon appears a bit too tiny, most likely because of the app’s shaky rendition. Due to its placement inside another circle, the shortcut’s circular emblem, which features a cloud and sun, appears smaller than typical. If you choose to add it, the same icon appears on the home screen, but it is identified by the smaller Google App logo.

A lengthy touch of the icon or shortcut brings up the Google Search Widgets and the About app menu, while tapping it launches the redesigned Weather experience. By checking out who all found the change, it is noted that some Google Pixel smartphones running on Android 14 (not QPR1) have been observed to display the weather app icon. It is also important to note that it has not become a standalone app yet, as Google is working on it.

Google Weather has been one of the important applications that allows users to know the weather forecast based on the temperature of the area they are in. Improvements in this app will greatly benefit the users.

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